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Listen To A Preview Of DJ E-clyps “G House For Dummies‏”



DJ E-clyps
DJ E-Clyps
drops a gritty course on the dirtier side of House Music deriving from Chicago’s Ghetto House roots and hip-hop origins with a 4 track EP of ghetto jackin’ beats, infectious hook driven vocals, and sample chops.

Already having support from G House originators Amine Edge & Dance for previous releases on InHouse (Deeper Than Love, Pay Me), he unveils a serious barrage of what has gained him notoriety as one of the top new rising talents.

In House Music: big beats, catchy melodic riffs, innovative sampling, and intense bass-lines. DJ E-Clyps is takes the wave of ‘G-House imitators’ to school: hood style.

DJ E-Clyps | Blacklight Radio
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