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It’s Party Time! Listen To Discodumper & Noty’s “Talk To You”



The first thing you notice about “Talk To You” by Discodumper & Noty is a perfect blend of 80s Rock elements and Funky House music. This is really exciting if you’re into retro stuff.

Actually, it’s full of intense beats, trumpets, and epic acoustic strings. Somehow, the production duo does everything possible to capture the vintage ambiance with a modern twist.

As for us party animals, we’d be happily greasing our elbows and dancing like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to its energetic rhythm. Of course, don’t take my words for granted and hit the play button below.

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It’s worth stressing that the brilliant minds behind Discodumper & Noty aren’t novices in the game. On the contrary, their long career began in the late 80s, reaching well-deserved recognition a decade later across Europe.

What’s more, their latest sound to blow up at any club carries so much nostalgic value that is pure gold. Oh yeah, this feels so good because satisfactory results didn’t just appear overnight…

Definitely, with “Talk To You” Discodumper & Noty are ready to engulf the globe again.

In short, the whole project is musically fearless and without frontiers.



By Erick Ycaza

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