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Listen To Maxwell Powers’ Brand New EP ‘6 Things’



Listen To Maxwell Powers' Brand New EP ‘6 Things’
Maxwell Powers
recently released a new EP ‘6 Things’. Talking About his EP ‘6 Things’ Maxwell says, “This EP has everything. It’s like having 6 mini existential crises before breakfast. It may or may not have single-handedly kept SoundCloud from going out of business. My house plants grew 32% while I recorded the synthesizer parts, I expect you’ll experience similar growth. Be advised.”

This EP addresses the 6 essentials in life and it is aptly titled 6 Things – The tracks are: “Love,” “Money,” “Death,” “God,” “Time,” “Hope” and really, in life what else is there?

Powers recorded the EP entirely in the corner of his living room in San Francisco. He collaborated with two veteran Bay Area Engineers/Producers: Mikael Eldridge (Tycho, DJ Shadow) and Sean Beresford (Run DMC, Third Eye Blind). The result is sonically rich tracks showing a diverse journey that is instantly catchy and rewards deeper listening.Maxwell PowersMaxwell Powers’ career all started one night back in 2011, when he emerged from the ether with his keytar, determined to make something of himself. He proceeded to put out a series of YouTube videos combining synth-driven indie pop and no-budget filming to tell stories of life, love, and the occasional existential crisis. The releases quickly garnered a cult-like following and have now been streamed over a million times.

The tracks from this new EP are also racking up plays on SoundCloud



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