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Live For Now! TOP 7 Brightest Music Festivals In Florida!



music festivals in Florida
No doubts Florida is the best-visited place in the world. People come here in summer, spring, or even in winter to get some sunny weather and excitement. Car rental under 21 in Florida gives you a chance to rent a car without fees and age limitations. And if you decided to visit Florida this weekend, try to plan doing something crazy and explosive like visiting music festivals. Of course, Florida is a state of a never-ending party atmosphere! Local music festivals can be a really unforgettable event. It doesn’t matter what music style you prefer, you can find a festival on your own taste. Looking for the best music event, look through this list.



Location: Miami
Time: March – April
This festival lasts for three days. This is the brightest evenе that doesn’t even need the introduction. The festival is more than 20 years old already. So, in short, this is a unique concert of electronic music. If you are a fan of electronic music and going to Miami these days, make a stop at Ultra in Miami. By the way, there is an analogous ULTRA festival in Europe. When it comes to tickets, the prices are divided into so-called wild and expensive sides. This is an international event where you will never stay alone. What about the organization? There is enough space for parking but most people in the USA know for sure that there is always a problem with parking in sunny Miami!


Location: Orlando
Time: November
You heard it right! It’s a real big carnival of electric music. You should go to Orlando to attend this faery event. This is a part of a global Electric Carnival series which takes place all over the world. It looks really bright and colorful in the state of the round-the-year sun. That’s why people come to visit this particular event! It lasts for two days and meets you with the brightest samples of EDC techno music.


Location: Miami-Mexico
Time: January
This unique cruise starts in Miami and takes you to Mexico through many American cities. There can be nothing better than a music cruise! You go on board of a beautiful ship and enjoy the rhythm of electronic music. You can find millions of feedbacks from people who experienced Groove Cruise before. Besides, it can be a good start of a new year in January! The festival is called a big international event because it crosses the country and takes you to such popular music cities as Miami, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Cozumel. Many new faces, vibrant music, variety of crazy parties and funny activities are waiting for you. The ship is also worth mentioning here. This is a huge platform of luxury bars, restaurants, lounge zones, outdoor and indoor pools, sport centers, and a huge dance floor.


Location: Fort Lauderdale
Time: April
This spring music event is a big party for all music lovers. The festival takes place on the beach and raises a problem of the ocean conservation. What about the music? This is a mix of all existing music styles, including rap, country, and mix of them. Electric rhythms are not popular here.


Location: Jacksonville
Time: May
Now it’s time to visit the biggest rock party in Florida! You should come to Jacksonville in the spring. Of course, rock music is very loud and noisy. You can hear it everywhere in the city. More than 60 000 of rock fans come here for a never-ending rock dancing.


Location: Panama Beach
Time: August-September
It’s a popular weekend when people are free from their everyday duties and comes to listen to the country music on the seaside. The weather in August and September is hot and sunny. That’s why people come to the beach to get some rest and relax under the popular music. What is the music style? It is mostly rock and country rhythms. What about the festival location? Panama is the brightest and the most romantic place in Florida. It’s a white-sand coast, emerald water, romantic sunset, and green palms everywhere. You can’t find a better location for a summer festival! Wake up! It’s time to dance for the whole night!


Location: Miami
Time: May
It was said a lot about the rock and electro music feast. Here comes the biggest and brightest hip hop music event. It takes place in the sunniest city in Florida – Miami. There is no problem to take a flight to Miami and take a car to get to the seaside. The cheap hostels and cafes are available at the festival location. What to come? You have a chance to watch the brightest concert of such local stars like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, and others. There can be nothing better than a music party in the bay area.

Visiting music festivals is more interesting than visiting a nightclub. These music events are not only the best-visited attractions for young and adults. Also, this is an important cultural exchange, place to meet new people, and get a priceless life experience. Live for now!

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