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Look Your Best In A Tuxedo With An Expert Online Tailor



exclusivesuit4youNot only does James Bond, one of the famous and most recognizable people on the planet, wear a black tie tux to perfection, but other popular faces such as Justin Timberlake are sporting them as well. If fact, Justin has even toured the county and performed in front of thousands of fans and the whole world wearing a black tie tux.

jamesbondThere’s no doubt that millions of men and women alike would appreciate taking a close look at Daniel Craig (James Bond) in a dinner jacket. However, not all of us are fortunate to have the looks that he does and in fact, most of us need the assistance from our partner to pull off anything better than a comfortable pair of jeans!

For most of us, the best way to level the playing field at a high-end event is to apply the same rules used that were used to outfit the likes of Daniel Craig, Justin Timberlake, and many others, otherwise we’ll probably just appear to others like we tried to look well put-together but failed!

Black Tie Events:justintimberlake
Attending casual and informal events is not an issue for most men, but looking sharp and dressed to the nines is another story; sending the average guy an invitation to a respectable black-tie occasion can be like watching a dog try to walk on his hind legs, but a man in a tux always looks sharp and impressive, and the look will never fade.

For most guys, a professional online tailor can set them up with a tux that fits and wears like a dream – people may not even recognize you do to the transformation it makes, and when they do, they will surely be impressed – whether they say so or not. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, and making an appearance in a well-fashioned, personally tailored suit will make a lasting impression – even if it isn’t their first impression. Therefore “EXCLUSIVE SUIT FOR YOU” is an example of one of the best online tailors worldwide that can make a great effect on the overall appeal of your perfect wardrobe.

Tailored Black Tie:
Expertly tailored black tie is one of the simplest, yet most sophisticated modes of men’s wear. With well chosen and expertly tailored black tie, every individual looks his very best. This is one of the reasons the style has stayed in fashion for decades; the simple form of a perfectly fitted tuxedo stands alone as the ultimate class-act that transcends all others, elevating a man to his most distinguished self. Other fashions come in and out of style and simply can’t compare to the difference a black tie makes, and they simply can’t compete – no matter how hard they might try.

Achieving the Perfect Tailored Black Tie Look Starts with the Jacket: The perfect black tie begins with either a black or dark blue dinner jacket, more commonly referred to in today’s times as a tuxedo. Follow the tips below to achieve the distinguished appearance you want.

1. For a black tie event, your jacket should include a peak lapel or shawl collar; notch lapels are used on suits used for business.

2. Most people will choose a single-breasted jacket with either a single button or two to look their best; double-breasted jacketsare generally made for taller and leaner men.

3. The dinner jacket should follow the contours of your body without squeezing it.

4. It should be snug at the shoulders, allowing you to move freely and cinched in at the waist.

5. The jacket sleeve-length should extend down to the thumb knuckle while your arms are relaxed at your sides. If they hike up too high or grab at the shoulders, then it isn’t a well-tailored fit.

6. Don’t go too long with the jacket sleeve-length as many individuals make this mistake.

7. The cuffs of your jacket should allow one-quarter to one-half inch of sleeve to show.

8. Avoid the wing collar – Unless you want to look like a magician.

9. A well-tailored tuxedo can last a man a lifetime, but it’s best to have two or three different white tux shirts in the closet.

10. Cufflinks add a touch of style and uniqueness to the tux and are the ideal addition to any black tie.

11. Black shoes without the wing tips and stitching looks best. You don’t want to draw too much attention to your shoes unless you’re a shoe salesman.

12. When it comes to the bow tie, stay away from the pre-tied nonsense.

If you follow the tips above and get the help of a professional online tailor where needed, you’ll be looking your absolute best in no time.

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