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Lorentzo Jönsson Interview 2016



Lorentzo Jönsson Interview 2016

Lorentzo Jönsson became popular after the release of his EP ‘For The Night’ in 2012. Many bloggers supported his initial music proposal that impressed hundreds of new listeners. After a short hiatus he’s now back with the follow up “Gothenburg Blues”. If you want to get updated with more info about this talented artist, then you should read everything below!

1 – What led you to become an artist? 

It’s hard to say. It may sound corny but when it comes down to it, I guess it’s an inherent will to express yourself and also works at an outlet to get stuff off your chest.

2 – How many musical instruments can you play?

I play the piano and I sing, I also do all my own production so it’s also a lot of drums, synths, and guitars in there but it all depends on how you define “can you play”. I get around with a lot of instruments but I guess I only really feel comfortable playing the piano.

3 – Are you an advocate of using software to improve vocals?

When you mix music I guess you have to use software on the vocals (if you’re not using an all hardware rig) to make them sound professional and cut trough the mix with tools such as the EQ and Compressor. Then it’s always the autotune question but I would say if it works for you go with it.

4 – Are your songs characterized by a particular style of music?

At first I tried to do more minimalistic bare music, singer-songwriterish. Voice and piano. But more and more elements are slowly creeping in. Right now it’s a lot of Hip-Hop and Soul that inspires.

5 – What influenced you to make “Gothenburg Blues”?

Thinking back of my childhood in Gothenburg, the song kind of tells that story. I came up with the piano riff in the middle part first, had the 4/4 kick drum going and it kinda grow there.

6 – If you could record a duet with any music star who would it be?

Hahaha… I would not categorise myself as an excellent singer so I wouldn’t dare pick anyone of the greats. It would be fun doing a vocal hook for someone like drake tough and see how that would work out.

7 – Do you also want to write songs for other artists? If so, how can they contact you?

I have done some minor production and side projects. I guess you could hit me up at my label at [email protected]

8 – What’s the best thing about living in Stockholm as an artist?

It’s the biggest city in Sweden, so I guess it go for hooking up with other artists and that there are more venues to play at.

9 – From performing in front of thousands of fans, how do you keep up your energy?

I haven’t played any big shows yet so it would be hard to say but it’s such a great rush just playing at small venues so I guess the energy wouldn’t be a problem.

10 – Are you releasing new songs in 2016? What’s the next goal? 

I recently did a project in Swedish with a rapper released earlier this year, so I’m kinda reloading from that. I have a couple of sketches for new songs I play around with and I’m planning on playing a couple of gigs live this autumn in Stockholm.



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