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Loza Rose Dives Into Her Emotional Album ‘Jumping Ship Pt. 1’ In Interview



Loza Rose Interview

In this interview, Loza Rose speaks with honesty about her latest album, ‘Jumping Ship Pt. 1. Musically speaking, she’s able to convey so many emotions regarding complex relationships while delivering relatable lyrics. If you want to refresh your Spotify Pop playlist, then this compelling material will do justice to it. Scroll down and get all details exclusively on Electro Wow.

1 — Where did you get the inspiration for the songs of your new album ‘Jumping Ship Pt. 1’?

I would say that most of the songs off my album were inspired by musicians like Katy Perry and Demi Lovato. I wanted to bring back that style of catchy choruses that have an emotional meaning to them, and add in melodic production.

2 — What are they all about?

They’re all about the hot and cold of being in an emotional situation. More specifically I wrote it from the perspective of being in an unhealthy relationship and all you want to do is run. I also wrote some of the songs to explain the toxicity of the pandemic. I think that everything we’ve seen on TV such as the riots and other scary behavior stems from anger that has been building up inside people. When the BLM movement hit, people used it as an excuse to become violent, instead of peacefully going on protests.

3 — Which track makes you feel prouder? Why?

“Jumping Ship” because the lyrics come from a place of vulnerability and it’s what really ties this whole album together. When I say 〈Yeah I’ll keep assuming, keep feeding an illusion, jumping ship seems self-soothing〉 I’m revealing a lot about my inner demons, because while I was in my relationship I had always expressed to my friends how scared this guy made me feel because his love felt so good. I would constantly make up scenarios in my head of how things could go wrong, but I’d always rationalize it and tell myself 〈no, this is your insecurity trying to scare you, don’t run from something special!〉 Although it’s easier to run when things get real, I’m not going to jump ship.

4 — Is there any difference with your previous album ‘Roses Feel Pain Too’?

Yes, the lyrics and the production are much more mature than my last album. I think as I keep releasing music, my sound will change and I can only hope people will enjoy those changes. Roses Feel Pain Too came from a dark place, and while Jumping Ship also stems from a relatable melancholy story, it’s different to me. The songwriting process on this EP felt right. I guess we’ll see what the critics say.

5 — What is your secret to managing such a wonderful singing voice?

Thank you, that means a lot. After I finish my vocal warm-ups, I like to challenge my voice by picking songs from my idols such as Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Demi Lovato, and Ariana Grande, or artists that have immense vocal range and technique. I like to try to copy the way they sing and then apply it to my own style. I also try not to have dairy before I record in the studio and have a lot of hot tea and honey. That always does the trick.

6 — Which singer or producer you haven’t worked with yet, would you like to do it?

I would love to work with FINNEAS. I know he’s pretty up there but the way he produces is admirable and I love his music. As an aspiring recording artist, his production techniques inspire me to create unique sounding music.

7 — Can you share with us some funny anecdotes during the recording sessions?

Before one of my recording sessions I had gotten food poisoning earlier that morning, so when I finally stopped vomiting, my manager told me we didn’t have to do the session. But I was really determined to get the songs finished, so I did it anyway. My studio engineer Stephen is not only good at what he does, but he has such a comedic personality. When I got to the studio he asked me if I was okay because I looked like crap, and I told him I got food poisoning. So then he asked me what did you eat last night, and I said chicken nuggets from McDonald’s. And he said 〈Well… you’re here anyway so get in the booth lil nuggy 〉 and from that day on that’s my nickname at the studio.

8 — As an artist, how are you coping with the ongoing pandemic?

Just like everyone else, I’m struggling emotionally and financially. I mean 2020 was awful, I lost the two jobs I had that were helping me, I got sick from COVID, my relationship fell apart, my anxiety skyrocketed and now I’m just trying to pick up the pieces. But right now, things are getting better from here.

9 — What do you want the listeners to take away from your new album?

That life and relationships aren’t black and white, it’s so much more complicated than that.

10 — How do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

I see myself in a more financially stable place with my music career. Fingers crossed we don’t have another pandemic, so I can go on a nationwide or world tour. Actually, I hope that my music can help me start a foundation for people who suffer from mental health. My vision is to raise the money to build facilities that can take in people who need a place to escape from reality and find their purpose again. I’ve been to mental institutions and they are awful, being in those places makes you feel worse, and that’s not what people who are suffering mentally need. They need to feel comfortable and feel like they are in a safe space. I’m telling you right now those rubber mattresses and white stained walls don’t feel like that. So in 10 years, I’m hoping that not only will I make a difference in the music industry, but also in the medical field as a mental health advocate.



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