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Luci Unveils “y am i not okay” — Her Final Single Before Debut Album



Luci y am i not okay
Ahead of the release of her debut album, songwriter and producer Luci returns with “y am i not okay, via Create Music. Written about an ex that seemed to move on so much more easily than she did, “y am i not okay” speaks to the moving on, acceptance, and healing process that we’ve all encountered when a relationship has gone bad. Self-proclaimed her most vulnerable piece of work yet, the lyrics ring: “I don’t know where it went wrong, but you keep telling me that your love is gone / Thought maybe it was a phase, but you just kept pushing me away.”

“y am i not okay” is the final single from Luci’s forthcoming album. After teasing the track on social media for the past few weeks, both new and existing fans of the Dubstep-turned-Pop artist are psyched to hear it in full.

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“Going through a breakup is hard.. but going through a blind-sided breakup is even harder. I was so in love with this girl and one day out of the blue, she told me that she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore and found someone else. My heart was broken into little pieces and I didn’t understand why I wasn’t ok while she seemed to be doing the best she’s ever been so I wrote the song.” — Luci

After the release of her last single “girlfriend” at the end of February, Luci is on a sentimental streak and hopes to appeal to listeners potentially experiencing some of the same things in the realm of relationships – mentioning on her Instagram that “it’s break-up szn.” To celebrate the release of the EP, and to grieve the loss of her and her friends’ ex-partners, she threw a funeral for her previous relationships – complete with a coffin piñata, themed drinks, and house decor. The artist has always made her worldwide audience her highest priority – responding to tweets and comments, taking pictures with fans at meet & greets across the country, and making music that resonates on a deeper, more emotional level.

Luci plans to release a remix album more reminiscent of her earlier electronic sound but will continue to explore these softer avenues in the meantime.

With a discography dating back just five years, Luci’s roots in dance music have served as the foundation for her foray into the world of songwriting and live music. The music she aims to release in the upcoming year prioritizes connection with the listener, largely due to entrancing vocals, thoughtfully crafted lyrics and production prowess. This connection, almost like a friendship bond between Luci and her listeners, is something she hopes to gradually deepen as she unveils more context about her interpersonal relationships. As a representative of the queer community and a champion of sincerity when it comes to production, she hopes to advocate for the space that all women and femme-identifying individuals deserve in the industry, both as existing and untapped artists. Luci is dedicated to shaping the world in a better image.



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