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Luxury Watch Alternatives You Deserve 👉⌚️



Luxury Watch Alternatives
Watches, those circles with tiny arrows in them. Honestly, it’s funny how such a simple item has grown to be one of the most desired handpieces; and are now regarded as the culmination of a fashionable outfit. It’s also seen by most as the mark of a classy man. From brands to material, to features, watches differ a lot from each other, but a quality that all luxurious watches have in common is that they are massively overpriced; how many times did you go into a store, look at the watches only to find out that you can’t buy any because you love your kidneys too much to sell them?

Anyway, this is why we have homage watches. What are these, you may ask? Well, homage watches are basically watches which are designed using inspirations from some of the classic luxury watch designs. They are also sold at a much lower price. Bear in mind that they are not replicas, so you don’t have to worry about being fake. These “cheaper” designs simply pay homage to the greatest watch designs; an easier way to think of it, is if you imagine an artist covering a certain song.

Here are two examples of homage watches that we have found quite impressive.

Seiko Men’s SUP880

First of all, this watch is very similar in design to the timeless Cartier Tank. Granted, the Tank has a rich history behind it and a unique mechanical mode of operation which the SUP880 can never replicate or embed in their design. On the other hand, pun intended, Seiko has managed to create a design fairly similar to the Tank. If you take a look at the rectangular frame, as well as, the roman numerals on the inside, you will find that they are almost exactly the same in both designs; and while the leather pattern is a bit different, it still brings out the essence of the watch. Most importantly, when it comes to the price, you will find that the Tank costs around $2500 while the SUP880 costs about $95. Surprised?

Seiko Men’s SUP880Invicta Men’s 8926OB Pro Diver

This watch bears quite a strong resemblance to its sister the Rolex Submariner. For those of you who do not know what the Submariner is, in simple words, it is not a Rolex, it is the Rolex. When people speak of dive watches or luxury watches, most probably the Submariner’s design is what they have in mind; thankfully, the 8926OB Pro Diver has managed to capture most, if not all, the details of the Submariner. Except for the price which differs from $85 for the Invicta to $8000 for the Rolex.

invictaAs you can see, these two examples do a good job in getting the point of homage watches across. What is more, they also provide a good understanding of the price range but, if you want more information, you would be better off checking out Watchdig’s watch reviews. At the end of the day, you should never feel like you are not worthy of a luxury watch just because of the price tag; there are certainly plenty of exciting alternatives.

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