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M.D. Chau Calls For Empathy In This Beautiful Song, “Stand Next To Me”



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Here’s a must-listen song for those of you who still believe in empathy. Los Angeles-based artist M.D. Chau is the mastermind behind this precious gem titled “Stand Next To Me.

Sadly, hate crimes against Asians are skyrocketing in recent years. This lack of humanity and injustices inspired such a beautiful song with the intention of awakening your soul.

Moreover, lyrics show you a new way of valuing compassion, which is essential for progress in any society. At the end of the day, world peace is possible if we work together.

Don’t even think twice, press play below.

From the opening piano keys to the gospel-like background vocals, “Stand Next To Me” emerges as an unforgettable melodic experience. Whatever emotions come up, just breathe, close your eyes, and manifest inner peace.

Indeed, music is a means of giving form to feelings. So, reflect on tolerance and take a more empathic stance from now on.

Only then you can contribute to the message of this meaningful track, which revolves around the ability to step into the shoes of another person. Obviously, it isn’t that difficult.

Hate and division should be a thing of the past.



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