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M3 Wallet: Carbon Fiber Money Clip And Leather Wallet



M3 Wallet: Carbon Fiber Money Clip And Leather WalletWhen you think of wallets, do the words big or bulky come to mind? Have you ever noticed that good looking wallets aren’t protective and protective wallets aren’t good-looking? We have too, and today, here’s an interesting item on Kickstarter that will change the way people view protection once and for all.

Combining carbon fiber impact protection technology with the new premium line of leather and carbon fiber finishes, I am finally proud to present the M3 Wallet.


The carbon fiber technology provides impact protection for drops of at least 11 feet, far exceeding military grade drop tests. That’s more than the average height from a 1 story tall building, and definitely more than the average drop.

In order for this wallet to be as unobtrusive as possible, the goal was to keep the width of this products under 1 millimeters and the weight under one ounce or 30 grams. The inventors not only accomplished this, but also designed it to follow the curvature of the wallet to retain the original feel. The result is that the M3 wallet is so slim and weightless that you will barely notice it.

Hold It Right There


The M3 Wallet coating prevents it from slipping at the wrong moment, yet allows it to easily slip in and out of your pockets. The two new finishes, genuine leather, and carbon fiber, personalize the texture of the wallets as well as their appearance. With the creases on the leather edition, you will now have a solid grip; the carbon-fiber edition, on the other hand, has more of a fine glossy finish.


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