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MADJO Talks About The Exciting Remixes Of “Women” And More




MADJO opened up about her amazing remixes of the hit track “Women” and much more. In this interview, she expressed her excitement for these reworked versions, emphasizing how they bring a fresh perspective to the empowering feminist anthem.

1 — How did Maya Angelou’s “Letter To My Daughter” inspire you to create your new song “Women”?

The text inspired me with energy and a need to talk about transmission, inheritance, and lineage. Maya Angelou gave me the desire to compose a song about women without fear. She gave me confidence in my ability to write a feminist song.

2 — What do you love the most about its accompanying music video?

It was an honor to make this music video with all my friends, with my mother too. I really really love when Nasrine (the youngest) dances with all her heart! She was so expressive! She impressed me.

3 — What were some of the highlights or standout moments from your recent performance at the Cannes Film Festival?

My band and I played on a beach, facing the sea, it was a great experience to play in this beautiful setting. And it was actually the 1st time I was playing live the songs from my upcoming album.

4 — How do you think the new remixes of “Women” will invite listeners to engage with the song in a fresh way?

I think the remixes will surely touch other listeners than those who are used to listening to my music. I feel it can create bridges between their universes and mine. And it can be interesting for listeners.

5 — How did the collaboration with VAPA, Superjava, and La Fine Equipe come about for these remixes?

La Fine Equipe are friends of mine. They had already made a remix for a song of mine “Choose The Heart” years ago. It’s great to be able to collaborate with them again.

I met VAPA and Superjava through my publisher. I really love what each of these artists brings to “Women.”

6 — Do you believe the remixes offer a totally different interpretation of the original track?

I like the game to work with DJs. They think in a different way about my music. It gives a different color, and different mood to my song. And it invites other listeners to listen to my music.

7 — Do you see yourself continuing to explore electronic music in your future projects?

I am no stranger to electronic music because my second album was a mix of electronic music. So why not for my future projects?

8 — Can you give us some insights into the upcoming album ‘Rebellion’ and what themes or messages it explores?

My third album ‘Rebellion’ explores intimate subjects of my life. Like becoming a mother at a time when the world seems to be faltering in a climate emergency. I tried to keep poetry while talking about the collapse of our world. Keep beauty even if I wrote about my deep fears.

9 — In addition to promoting your new album, what other projects do you have planned for the upcoming months?

It’s summertime. So I’m with my children and my family. At the same time, I work a lot on the release of my upcoming album. In August, I will be in residency with my musicians to keep on working on the new show because I have concerts that arrive in September.

10 — Finally, how would you summarize your current artistic facet using just three words?

Solar – obstinate – dreamer.



By Erick Ycaza

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