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Mahiri Takai Is the New Black!



Mahiri Takai Is the New Black!
Mahiri Takai
‘s new M.E collection took New York Fashion Week by storm. Featuring models from ANTM and glamorous style. Mahiri’s interpretation of clean lines and opulent detailing has become all the range this season. As we sat next to the Huffington post editors and heard the whispers, we now know that this is the designer to watch. Men’s Fashion is on the rise but Mahiri Takai is the menswear designer to know. Mahiri is a Dallas Native making international press. As the first look barred down the runway I just knew I was in love every look I want to add to my personal wardrobe. Mahiri isn’t just a designer focused on collections but also a philanthropist that gives a 10% portion of his clothing sales to help young designers start their own business through a scholarship fund given once a year. His collection is black and white but very minimalistic with an added salute of classic style.

View his full collection here:

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