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Here Are The Major Ways To Get The Ultimate Discounts While Shopping Online Without A Lot Of Effort



Here Are The Major Ways To Get The Ultimate Discounts While Shopping Online Without A Lot Of Effort
Outsmart dynamic pricing

Merchants know your price point due to your browsing and spending patterns. Dynamic pricing takes into account your spending history, plus your location and the demand for that particular product. This is why different customers see different prices. Outsmart this strategy and surf anonymously/incognito. Shop in countries less sophisticated or developed on your own. For lower prices clear your computer’s cookies and your browser history, and make sure you are logged out of your email and social network accounts.

Browse Coupon Websites

A good way to save a ton of money when shopping online is to always look for a coupon code before buying something online. Most online retailers accept coupons and promo codes at checkout which allow customers to save on their order. is a good resource for finding coupons because it is a coupon search engine. You can search for coupons on all your favorite retailers including HotWire, Etsy, Toys R Us and many more!

Shop on the right day

For example, Barnes & Noble’s and Amazon launch book sales on Saturdays just so readers can spend the weekend reading a new book. Sunday, however, is the day to purchase airfare. Monday is the worst day to buy airline tickets. Tuesday is the day major tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Dell Home make special coupons available for desktop and laptop computers. Wednesday through Friday are the days retail rolls out special deals and discounts.

Pay attention to price drop refunds

Many companies will refund the difference in price if you purchase an item and the price drops within a few days. For example, you can use the to watch the price changes for items you purchased from Amazon. If notified within seven days of the delivery date Amazon will issue a refund. There are also credit card companies that offer price protection and will honor prices up to 7 Days Later.

Try speaking to customer service

It is almost always worth talking to a customer service rep if you need a promo code extended because you just lucked into a discount coupon that just expired. It is not uncommon for sales reps to give a new promo code or issue a code is not public yet. Another avenue worth trying is live chat to request info on an item and then inquire about any method to get a lower price.

Leave items in your cart for a day or two

Many stores will send coupons or offer a lower price the following day if you leave products in your cart. Take note, this is only on sites that you have an account with and that you were logged into when you left your cart with items waiting. OfficeMax, Macy’s, and bed Bath and beyond and many others hate incomplete purchases and will attempt to get you to complete your purchase.

Run a comparison check

Use apps like PriceGrabber and PriceBlink that are browser add-ons that save shoppers time by creating a chart of an item’s prices from different merchants and alert you to any coupons available.

Use reward programs to your advantage

Use apps like Swagbucks or ShopKick to earn bonuses by doing things like watching short videos, taking surveys, and other actions. There are loyalty programs like GuiltInsider and CaseHappy to earn points, early access to sales, special discounts, and other perks. Get a bonus for signing up and points for every dollar you spend with programs like Amazon Rewards Visa. Some programs let you earn free products and others let you have deep discounted coupons or exclusive access to flash sales and other perks.

Use these easy steps to save money and/or get steep discounts while shopping online.

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