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“Make Music, Make Money” With The World’s First PROFIT ONLY Merchandise Scheme!



Root1 have developed a space for all artists to make money from their music. A revolutionary platform which offers artists of any genre and fan base size, a selection of tools to develop themselves as artists. The content they create will then sit in a unique widget” that can be embedded into any social network page, preventing the artist from having to create yet another band page. Instead, they can capitalise on existing fans and monetise their current social network pages.
“Get Seen, Get Heard”…
…is what Root1 promise all their users. They understand that most artists are looking for that record deal that will propel them to stardom. However, there is a lot of work involved in getting artists to that stage when labels will consider them. During that period Root1 will work with artists to help them raise money for essentials such as studio time and production costs.
“World First”
Root1 allows artists to create full ranges of customised merchandise with limitless stock which exists in the virtual world ready to be created as soon as a fan hits buy. The full range of merchandise is “On-Demand” so artists never have to buy bulk amounts of stock upfront. Instead, all products are created on-demand resulting in aProfit-Only”system. Root1 also allows artists to sell their music and gig tickets via their widget and also enables them to view their fan demographics, fan statistics and how all of their products are selling.

Not only does empower unsigned artists but it also works with established artists and record labels as a solution to bulk merchandising problems that exist in these modern times. Giving them the opportunity to manage multiple artists from one Root1 account, they can create bespoke and extensive ranges which can be personalised by the fan, providing the fan something unique from their favourite artists.
“Working With the Industry”
Unlike so many other digital platforms, Root1 doesn’t require a subscription fee or upfront costs; it is done on aProfit-Only” basis whereby Root1 only make money if the artist makes money. Beating all their competitors on the percentage they take, Root1 always gives a healthy cut to the artists ensuring that it is a lucrative system for them. Wanting the artist to feel as in control as possible, Root1 has also disregarded any sort of contract which ties the artist to Root1. In doing so Root1’s ethos is to work with the industry rather than compete with or challenge them.

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