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Make Your Corporate Party Unforgettable With Circus Acts For Hire



The circus reminds us of something fun and exciting and, at the same time, a bit nostalgic because it reminds us of childhood when we mostly enjoyed performances and acrobatics. And most people probably think that corporate events can’t fit into the same context with circus entertainment, but they are wrong.

Business owners and executives organize corporate events for several reasons. Gatherings outside the company are an excellent way of strengthening corporate culture. People seeing each other in a more relaxed atmosphere than the office can get along better than when someone is supervising them all the time.

If you want to create a great party that your guests will remember for a long time, think about circus acts for hire. That’s something you can’t see often. Your invitees will be pleasantly surprised with the show, as something outstanding that pops out of the dull routine of organizing corporate events.

Themed Party

Whether you have an in-house party planner or you hire an agency to help, you can always suggest your ideas on how to make your event unforgettable. Depending on what your goal is and who are the guests, party organizers can come up with the topic of the gathering.

Circus acts are not suitable for events that require focus and full attention, like seminars, presentations, or award ceremonies. These performers are a better fit with the informal gathering, with a goal to have fun, relax, and create better connections between colleagues and business associates.

Some casual get-togethers can be in the form of a themed party. It should represent a company culture and, at the same time, be exciting and fun. This type of party suits for minor companies, with a friendly atmosphere and tight relations among employees. Bigger organizations prefer more formal events, but they can sometimes make an exception and let their employees and associates have fun and relax.

Victorian Theme

You planned a casual event, but without too much noise or excitement. One suggestion can be a Victorian party, which can be a great option for events like auctions or fundraisings. You can hire jugglers, mime artists, or living statues.

These artists perform independently, without the participation of the audience. Whether inside or outside, you can revive decadent Victorian period with circus acts reminding of how people entertained back in the days.

Carnival or Circus Theme

If you want to have a family-friendly corporate event, you can opt for a carnival-themed party. In this case, you can stage a real spectacle with magicians, fire dancers, acrobats, or any other type of entertainers. Think of renting the tent or an open space suitable for an improvised fair.

Some performers, such as already mentioned mime artists, living statues, or human tables, can wade through the crowd. More active artists with additional equipment will need a particular stage or space to do tricks and acrobatics. This segment of your corporate event can be announced, and you can leave it as a surprise.

Playing with Fire

Artists who use fire in their performances are a spectacle. While people will be delighted with their flame play, guest safety and space safety should be a priority for a party organizer. Generally, fire performers are not a good option for corporate events that take place indoors. There is always the risk of a flame getting in touch with some hazardous material or substance.

However, if you still want a fire spectacle indoors, cooperate only with reputable agencies whose performers are fully insured and who deliver full safety equipment. Check the area where you plan to stage the show and make sure there are enough fire extinguishers.

Ask a company to send someone to check the place before the party. If the experts estimate it’s not safe to perform a show for some reason, you can find many other circus acts that can be a decent replacement for fire artists. A full list of circus performances is on this link.

There is no doubt that your business event will attract a lot of attention if you organize an impressive party for the guests. It can be a great way to promote and bring other benefits to the company if you succeed in having an outstanding corporate event.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.