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Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Know When & What To Give With These 8 Tips



Make Your Girlfriend Happy: Know When & What To Give With These 8 Tips
Is your girlfriend sending you confusing signals? Are you having a hard time understanding her and trying to make her happy? How are you supposed to make your girl happy anyways?

Now, I’m no miracle worker, but something most definitely can be done to help you. Girls are pretty complicated, but once you understand some basics, you will have an easier time making them happy.

Happiness is achievable, and making your girlfriend happy will be easy if you use these 8 tips brought to you by the Hey Sara online fashion boutique.

1. Make her feel good about herself

If your girlfriend is feeling self-conscious about something, don’t be afraid to lift her up. Everybody likes hearing that they look good in something, or that their hair is beautiful, or even that they’re “positively glowing.” Show her affection both physically and emotionally. Hug her, kiss her, and make eye contact when you talk to her. Eye contact is very powerful, especially when you’re telling someone you’re in a relationship with how much you care about them.

And while acknowledging her physical appearance is important for the ego, don’t neglect to mention how intelligent you think she is. If not intelligence then finds another strong personality trait or ability that you think makes her special.

2. Tell her that you love and care for her

Hearing the words, “I love you” from a significant other on a bad day can make a huge difference. Getting in touch with this feminine emotion can be really good for the mind as well as the heart, and exchanging the “I love you” phrase can bring you closer together. Be sure you mean it, though! If it’s not genuine, it’s not worth saying.

put her first
3. Put her first

If you prioritize your girlfriend’s happiness over your own, it demonstrates how much you care for her. Don’t be fooled; she will most definitely pick up on the fact that you place her needs above your own, and it will do wonders for your relationship.

Being first in someone else’s life is also euphoric because it’s a constant reminder that there is someone who loves you more than they love their own needs. It means a lot on the emotional front and is also an easy way to create a deeper connection.

4. Respect her by listening to what she has to say

Listening is a really important aspect of a relationship. Ask about her day, listen to her problems, and validate how she feels. You can offer suggestions, but listening is the most important part. If you get into a disagreement try really hard to listen to her side of things. It’s hard to listen when you’re mad, but if she feels heard, you will move on easier and faster.

If your girlfriend feels listened to and respected, the likeliness of her being more open and willing with you will skyrocket! Respect is 100% essential, and it gives us women a measure of power in a relationship. It feels good.

5. Share your ideas and feelings with her

Guys tend to be more reserved about sharing and have a harder time expressing their honest feelings with people. You can’t be afraid to tell your girlfriend what’s up with you and your life. Girls love honesty, in a relationship (it’s a necessity), and confiding in her will make her feel special, loved, and trusted. It will strengthen your bond and create a strong foundation for your relationship.

6. Be romantic and thoughtful

You don’t need to write her a sappy poem or love song to let your girlfriend know that she is loved, but you should go the extra length to do something sweet for her every now and then. It can be simple, like sending her flowers, writing her a simple card expressing your feelings, or leaving her a short note somewhere she will find it.

Being thoughtful doesn’t take much! Just opening the door for her, pulling out her chair, or offering your jacket if she’s cold can make all the difference.

7. Keep track of her likes and dislikes

Be sure to remember what she likes and dislikes. If she knows that you remember even the smallest things about her like what kind of chocolate she prefers, or her favorite movie snack, it’ll let her know that you care enough to know what she’s into and not into. That makes girls feel special.

8. Be the “Perfect Man” by letting her know she’s the “Perfect Woman.”

Be the guy that your girlfriend brags about to her friends because she knows you brag about her too. If you get, what makes her tick, and you can make her and her flaws seem endearing, then you are winning. Accept her for who she is, and she will find you and your flaws sweet too. You can make her feel special by not only catering to her needs but by letting her cater to yours too. You both want the chance to be praised, and it feels good. After all, it takes two to tango, so lead her on to the dance floor and show her how praise and acceptance are done. She will follow your lead.

As nice as all of these tips are, don’t lose sight of what’s important: being yourself. Honesty, respect, and communication are three very strong key points in a relationship that you absolutely have to incorporate in your interactions. With these 8 helpful tips, making your girlfriend happy should not be a difficult task.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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