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Make Yourself Look Funny With Funny Halloween Costumes Ideas 2014



halloweenHalloween season starts with the approach of winter thus do not delay much in deciding on your funny Halloween costumes ideas 2014. Halloween can be scary or funny thus do not think that since it is a Halloween so you need to look scary only. Usually the theme of the Halloween is announced beforehand only by the ones who are inviting you so there is no question of looking awkward in your costume. In case the invite is to a Halloween with funny theme then try to complement your Halloween with a really funny looking dress. Since a Halloween is not about looking trendy so you can try out anything stupid also. The theme is of fun so make sure that you are part of the fun with your funny Halloween costumes ideas.

Do something analogous to the night

If the Halloween night is planned around Christmas week then make sure to create your look according to Christmas only. You can do that by dressing like a Christmas plum cake with a layered dress and tie your hair with a cherry type band. This dress is ideal for children and makes them look really cute in them. Dressing like a Santa is a usual funny Halloween costumes ideas so try not to do that. Since the theme is of looking funny, doing something unique is bound to raise enough laughter at you. A multi colored Barbie dress would make you look funny as well as trendy if you have a wonderful figure to complement it. Thus if you are dressing analogous to Christmas try to avoid the usual ideas and do something really unique and funny.

halloween-custome-ideasCopy the latest cartoons or games

Dressing like Barbie is a very usual Halloween costume so try to incorporate some other cartoons in your funny Halloween costumes ideas. The latest cartoons are the doraemon, ben10, etc. can be tried but these look good usually in your children and not on the adults. Dressing like the popular games such as candy crush is sure to create laughter amongst your friends. But since it is a Halloween night there is simply no harm in being the topic of laughter for the evening. To create a candy crush look wear a colorful dress with candies all over it. Complement it with colorful sandals to create a complete candy crush look. Trying to look funny with an angry birds costume is also very simple. These are available in the market also.

Can do some artistic themes also

Couples have the option of going to the Halloween with couples costume such as Gotye and Kimbra also. The costumes are surely going to turn many eyes towards you but at the cost of your dignity though. In Halloween thinking about looking unique and funny is more important than looking dignified so do not think about it much. Dressing casual with a chicken hanging down your neck is sure to make your friends laugh. This is an excellent idea if you are a food loving fat person of your group.

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