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Makoto Holmberg Interview 2016



Makoto Holmberg Interview 2016
Makoto Holmberg is the solo project of Andrea Picella, a young Italian electronic music producer. The main elements of his music are characterised by the use of minimal synths, cold drums, and processed vocals. All this is summarised in 100% pure Electronica/Ambient music. He has already performed internationally in England and Germany. This interview will open your mind and ears to a new direction of sounds. Enjoy the interview below!

1 – How did you come up with the name Makoto Holmberg?  

There’s not a reason. I always liked the aesthetics of the Japanese language. I looked for something that would attract the eye of the reader. It’s a name that every time I write it, it makes me feel good.

2 – When did you start producing electronic music?

I started producing electronic music at 19, but first, I have always played in local bands of different genres (post rock, electronic, alternative), that influenced my current style.

3 – Who is your favorite artist you’ve done a remix for?

Burial. He is an artist who has always fascinated me and remixing his songs I discovered my limits and my strengths, refining my style. Remixing some of his tracks was a real life experience.

4 – What can fans expect from your latest EP?

The material that is currently available on the web is the culmination of my last two years of life. People should expect something new, but not definitive, because my music is constantly changing, and it will be differently already in the next production.

5 – Did you start by renting equipment or did you go out and buy it?

I always did music with what I had in my hands. After many sacrifices, I could buy something superior to the first tools available. Now fortunately I can try and use instruments that can give a definite direction to my sound.

6 – What software or tools do you use in order to create music?

I use digital and analog tools. I work mainly with Ableton and Logic, and use virtual instruments and a pair of analog synths . The fundamental elements of my music are the textures that arise from my fieldrecording sessions around the world.

7 – Is there a music genre that you really dislike? Why?

No, I listen a lot of music, and many different genres. I think that artistic contamination it’s very important for a musician. Every genre is important to achieve the sound I want. On the contrary, I despise the organization that is behind some commercial productions. But that’s another story…

8 – Is there any difference between the clubbers from England and Germany?

Oh yeah, a lot. There a lot of cultural differences, but both situations helped me to grow, and people make me feel welcomed in a context where people want to hear something new.

9 – Do you upload your DJ mixes on YouTube?

No, I don’t, but in these days I’ve done a mixtape for NEO (New Electronic Order). You can listen to it here:

10 – Where’s your next live DJ show?

My next live show will begin in autumn. I hope to play in many places and to avoid doing DJ sets, presenting a totally analog live set.

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