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male-modelling-adviceA male model should always look, as Joey Essex would say ‘reem’. Keep your nails trimmed. Here are some grooming tips to help you do just that.

Take care of your nails. There’s nothing more off putting then seeing someone with grey black stuff tucked away under there long nails. Don’t chew your nails either. Gnawed up nails are not attractive and give some people the heads up not to shake your hand. Get a simple nail clipper and give your nails a quick trim once a week before you jump into the shower. Follow the natural curve of your finger as you cut them. Just make sure not to cut to close to the tip of your finger.

When trimming your fingernails or toenails, be sure to clean up afterwards, don’t leave your trimmings on the floor or countertop. If you’ve got dirt under your nails, scoop it out with a nail file. And if you get a hangnail, carefully clip it off, rather than pulling at it and making it bleed so get a proper pedicure. In male modelling, your body is your job.

In male modelling, you should have well groomed appearance. When you sleep, make sure to take off any eye wear including contact lenses. Sleeping with your contacts in several nights in a row makes you susceptible to corneal ulcers. Even an optometrist will tell you it still not a good idea to wear them to sleep in for more than a few nights in a row.

Remember to shave regular and make sure to trim any facial hair that you. But whether you go with a full on beard or a distinguished mustache, remember to just keep it groomed. Don’t be one of those guys who grows a patchy neck beard every two weeks because he’s too lazy to shave and ends up looking like a human bigfoot . Two days of scruff can be attractive. Two weeks of ungroom, patchy neck beard growth looks gross. If you’re going to go neck beard, just do it right but keeping it nice and trim…a little bit of stubble looks good too!

When it comes to shaving, if you’ve grown up using a cartridge razor, now’s a good time to experiment with a safety razor. Electric razors are for more resourceful and less costly in the long run. Plus it cuts out all those horrible little cuts which stings like hell when you put cologne on afterwards.

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