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Male Modelling Posture Tips



male modellingMale Model Posture on the Catwalk

All male models dream of being on the catwalk, but to get there you not only have to be tall, slim and handsome but you also need to know how to walk and posture yourself professionally. Great models have perfect posture and know how to walk in the way that best compliments the garments being modelled, their individual looks, and also create contact with their audience.

Catwalk modelling is all about how you move. Models are advised on how to walk so that the garments move in the ways the designer wants.
Often, the footwear provided by the designer is slightly the wrong size for the chosen model. Learning to deal with this and walk professionally is important. Maintaining the walk while uncomfortable or nervous is a key differentiator between pro and amateur male models. Always be open to help and advice from others as this will help you progress faster and give you an edge in the male modelling business.

Perfect Your Turn

For runway and live shows, there are several turns that models need to learn. Strong knowledge of these turns can also be useful for stills gigs because models know the effect that the turns have on the clothes, and have learned how to turn whilst still focusing on the audience.


The majority of people don’t realise how bad their posture is until it is pointed out to them, or until they review themselves with a critical eye. Tall men often have bad posture because they slump to avoid attention, and male models who fall into this trap can buy posture coaching to make sure that they stand, sit, and move properly. Believe it or not, people are still trained by learning to balance a book on their head which raises the head and chin, aligns the spine and causes the model to make eye contact with the people around them. Good posture is healthier for your spine, your back muscles and your internal organs and automatically increases self-confidence. Seek advice from others or get professional tutelage in this area. It will not only help your catwalk performance, but the way you present yourself in auditions, interviews, and in the street; giving you the best chances to further your career.

Male modelling is all about presentation. The way you stand and move tells a discerning eye a lot about your character. Even when starting out, take steps to improve yourself before seeing an agency to get better results.

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