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Man Detained When Police Think Candy Is Meth



A New York man’s lawsuit alleges he and a friend were detained by police who mistook Jolly Rancher candies for crystal meth.

Kenneth Smith, a lawyer for Love Olatunjiojo, 25, filed a federal lawsuit Oct. 15 alleging false arrest, illegal search and seizure and false imprisonment after his client and a friend were detained for 24 hours in June, the New York Daily News reported Monday.
Smith said Olatunjiojo and his friend purchased a handful of Jolly Rancher hard candies at the It’Sugar candy emporium in June and they were stopped a few blocks away by officer Jermaine Taylor. Taylor, who wrote in the criminal affidavit he had professional training in identifying methamphetamine, wrote he believed the candy to be narcotics and a field test yielded a “positive” result.
However, further tests concluded two days later the objects were candy, not drugs.

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