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Was The Mansion Of DJ Paris Hilton Swallowed By Flames?



Was The Mansion Of DJ Paris Hilton Swallowed By Flames?
DJ Paris Hilton has a love/hate relationship with the EDM community. Some years ago, she was on everyone’s lips after the announcement of her fake relationship with Electro House producer Afrojack. Consequently, she learned the basics of how to DJ and her first gig was after a Jennifer Lopez concert. However, Paris Hilton’s most embarrassing moment as a DJ took place in Brazil, when she needed help from a technician and received boos from the whole audience. We haven’t received news about her latest works, even though, her last single was produced in 2014, a dancey tune called “Come Alive”. Recently, she has portrayed on the news again. Sadly, her luxurious mansion was threatened by the wildfire. Indeed, she fled her home with all her pets and thanked all firefighters to save her life. And, if you don’t believe me, read the tweet she shared with her fans right here:

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