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Marilyn Manson Gets Educated About Techno Music In New Comedy Film



Marilyn Manson has the lead role in a short comedy film called ‘Wrong Cops‘, which premiered earlier this month as part of the festivities at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Manson recently stated that it was a fun experience playing a “street hustler” with braces on his teeth. In the film itself, Manson crosses paths with the weed-dealing police officer, played by Mark Burnham, at a very inopportune moment.
As the officer begins to interrogate him, the subject of music comes up and Manson’s character is essentially kidnapped by the rogue cop and forced to listen to something “cool”. That something “cool” is a Techno style vinyl that the officer has back at his home, and luckily for Manson the cop’s mother provides enough of a distraction for him to flee, but it’s not known if he’s completely safe as the first Chapter One of ‘Wrong Cops’ ends with the disclaimer “To be continued…” The short was directed by Quentin Dupieux and music was produced by electronic artist Mr. Oizo.

Watch Chaper One (here), this is one of the coolest things you’ll see this year, and we will be so happy if we get ‘Wrong Cops’ as a comedy TV show in the future.

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