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Marina Matiss Dives Into Her Music Project, Lyrics, And Songs In Interview



Marina Matiss Interview
If you haven’t heard of Marina Matiss before, you really need to. The Barcelona-based singer, songwriter, and model awakened her interest in music since childhood. Believe it or not, she speaks 7 languages and has a passion for poetry, playing the piano, and creating emotive lyrics. A few weeks ago, she premiered on Electro Wow a music video for the Spanish single “El Perdón.” Get to know almost everything about her project in the following exclusive interview.

1 – When you were growing up did you want to be a singer?

I wanted to be a singer since I started talking. ? When I was four I was doing gigs on my bed with a comb in my mini hands imagining I was on the stage. When I was five I was gathering all the grannies from the house where I was living, making a show for them. I always knew it was something I really wanted.

2 – Are you vocally trained or is it an all-natural talent?

This is natural. I’ve seen some great singers who gained it through years of practice, but I never really did it. I studied in a music school, I learned to play the piano and we had solfeggio classes, music history and also choir. I remember how my mom thought the choir was a waste of time and she wanted to “liberate” me from it. And I still remember how the teacher told her “You don’t understand, your daughter has the God gift, she should work on it”. I just remember how emotional she got about it.

After that, I was the first soprano of the “Krynichka” choir – an honored collective that performed for the Pope. I tried looking for a vocal teacher that would help me improve but they were somehow constantly trying to make it more “correct” and plane which would lead to losing the special vocal feature that makes a voice stand out. So I just kept what I had.

3 – Is it true you like to turn your poems into songs?

No, it is not. ? Poems and song lyrics are very different. You can sometimes turn poems into songs, but generally, this is not how it shall be done. I think the best songs are written when the melody comes to an author together with the lyrics, there must be this strong emotional connection between the melody and the sound of the lyrics together with what it means.

4 – What subjects inspire you the most when writing lyrics?

It can be anything. From a video about Mars to a rainy day or Japanese art. It takes some attention to details, the active presence when something is happening.

5 – Do you prefer singing in English or Spanish?

I think I prefer English, but that’s again not something I consciously choose. The lyrics come to me themselves, sometimes in English sometimes in Spanish. But I tend to sing in English more.

6 – Your latest single, “El Perdón” is a beautiful song about releasing feelings of resentment. Do you think there is a point of no forgiveness?

Of course. But it depends on the situation and the people involved. I worked on my forgiveness for months. I had to understand first why this was happening to me, what was going on. I had to analyze everything and then when everything was put in its place, I could see a bigger picture, accept it and let it go. Maybe a quick piece of advice to those who can’t forgive – try to be a bit egoistic for a moment and think of yourself. Being angry with someone is not good for your mental health. If someone hurt you, it’s their problem, you shouldn’t punish yourself on top for that.

7 – The cinematic music video looks literally amazing. How much were you involved in its creative process?

As an independent artist, I have to be involved in absolutely everything. These are the perks of this freedom of choice of not being signed, the good and the difficult part at the same time. I had the entire picture in my head, so I found the locations, the outfit, the piano, chose the time to film it. I have a great team as well, though we were not many but very efficient together.

8 – What about the location, the long hours of shooting these visuals, and the pandemic?

We shot the video right between the lockdowns, it was July. I had to ask for a shooting permit but we only got time from 6 to 10 in the morning, but it was enough time at the end to film the outside, then we shot the rest of the video in a studio. I don’t really notice how the time flies when I’m doing something I love. That day we finished at 20.00 so it was 14 hours in total and when you are on this adrenalin, you don’t feel tired. It all comes when you are back home and you suddenly realize you simply can’t stand on your feet anymore. ?

9 – Are you currently working on your next single? Please tell us more details.

I have a new single recorded but I believe I will not release it yet. I would love to record an album. The only thing I can say is that it will not sound like one song for an hour. The ideas and feelings that I have are diverse. I will apply some good harmonization to them, add a mix of guitars, synths, and frame it with a nice beat.

10 – Lastly, what’s something you hope listeners feel when listening to your music?

They are free to live the life they want to live.



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