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Marko Stout On The Edge Art And Fashion In NYC



Marko Stout On The Edge Art And Fashion In NYC
The popular New York City multimedia artist Marko Stout is best known for his vibrant prints, sculptures and avant-garde film works. Stout’s most recent venture will introduce his works to the fashion world with a collection of edgy accessories set to launch during the New York’s fashion week later this spring. The artist’s latest collection will be available at a limited number of boutiques in the city and online. Stout’s artistic prints and sculptures and film work are currently on exhibition at numerous international art galleries.

Stout is best known for his gritty style of industrial pop and as the producer of the LIPS Film Festival. The international film fest focuses on avant guard and experimental films, exhibited over five days at various venues throughout downtown New York City.

Last spring Stout received massive media coverage after a record-breaking sale of his large female sculptures to a Berlin nightclub owner at the popular New York Art Expo show hosted by the Redwood Media Group, LLC. The artist was also featured in Food and Beverage magazine, The New York Times and Beat Magazine after the sale of his latest print series to the SOHO Grill in downtown NYC. This trendy eatery also displays a large collection of pop art by other famous New York artists such as Warhol, Haring and Lichtenstein.

Marko Stout is considered by many to be the quintessential New York artist and up until very recently few outside of NYC knew his name. However, after a few high profile exhibitions and sales, the art world and media have taken notice. Many in the media including the Huffington Post and Social Magazine are now calling Marko Stout, “the next Andy Warhol”. When asked about the comparison in a recent Ralph Lauren interview, Stout replied,” I’m cool with it. There’s certainly a lot of pop influence in my work- but, I really have my own style and do my own thing. I don’t want to be limited by anything that was done in the past.”

Marko Stout On The Edge Art And Fashion In NYC
The artist is especially popular with the millennial generation throughout the New York City art community and is now starting to build a large passionate following outside of New York. Marko Stout is quickly becoming one of this generation’s most relevant artists and definitely one to keep your eye on.

Marko Stout will also be producing the LIPS Film Festival in downtown New York City next October. The annual LIPS Film Festival will take place October 4th through October 8th, 2017 at various location throughout New York City. This year’s Lips Film Festival will highlight the very best in local and international art shorts with a few feature length productions, performance artists and special gallery exhibitions.

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