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Marvinmarvelous – The Marvin Show Launch Interview



features as a veteran DJ and Producer, whose origin began in the dance music scene from an early age, with surrounding musical influences in his childhood home like Motown, R &B, Jazz, and Classic Rock that has helped to shape the music he shares with the world today. Currently looking to expand his horizons, Marvin is unleashing his brand-new radio show, check it out here.

1 — Hey Marvin, great to hear from you. First off, how are you?

Life is good, no complaints.

2 — How did the idea to create a radio show first come about?

During the pandemic, it was obvious that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to play out as much as before. Everyone was doing mix videos, and for me, that wasn’t what I had the desire to do. So, it was recommended to me to do a radio show. Since I’d been a radio DJ before, it felt natural to do it. I’m really enjoying putting the show together.

3 — What genres of music will we be hearing?

First and foremost, it will be great dance music. As far as genres are concerned, it will be a mixture of House, Tech House, Underground, and a little Country and Western. Well, maybe not the Country and Western, but I will play mixes that will make you dance.

4 — Talk us through some of the artists you would like to have as guests on the show?

I would love to have Sonny Fodera do a mix. It would be great to have Chris Lake do a set also. Finally, I plan to have my friend Y-dapt, from Italy, do a set.

5 — What do you look for in a piece of music when deciding you want to use it in a mix?

Since I don’t have a dance floor to read, I tend to go through a lot of songs and listen to them with my eyes closed. I imagine what they would sound like in the club, if I can see the people dancing in my head, I pick that song.

6 — For those who don’t know, what are some of your top releases?

I recently remade Stevie Wonder’s song “All I Do”. It’s been getting a lot of airplay around the world. I also have an Afro House remix of it that’s getting a lot of club play. I have a couple of Tech House releases on the way.

7 — What is your opinion on the current dance music scene?

That’s a great question. Since most of us have been in the studio this year or so, I am starting to hear a lot of great music coming out. The music is getting more musical and original. Producers are expressing themselves more, and not just following the trend of the week. Everyone is hungry for new, original music, I can’t wait to see what takes hold.

8 — What do you think will set your show apart from others?

I play music that people love. As DJs, we sometimes get caught up in playing music that we like and not the music that the people want to hear. As with my live sets, I don’t just play my favorite songs, I play the music that moves the people, that makes them feel good inside. It’s impossible not to move your body in one of my sets. Fortunately for me, I started out as a musician and DJ, so I have the experience of realizing what people might like.

 9 — Which artists have impressed you recently?

I like what Biscits is doing.  Also, I like what Westend is coming with lately.

10 — Finally, where will we be able to hear your new show? 

Currently, I have a residence on 4 radio stations, and we should have a few more in the next month or so.  Here’s where we are now:

Channel Music Every Wednesday 21:00 Weekly France / GMT+02:00
KL Radio Every Sunday 09:00 Weekly United Kingdom / GMT+01:00
Starter FM Every Monday 19:00 Weekly Australia / GMT+10:00
Clubland FM Every Thursday 17:00 Weekly United Kingdom / GMT+01:00



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