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Matt Hipps Interview 2015



Matt Hipps Interview 2015
Let me introduce you to Matt Hipps, a young American artist who is a fan of Rock-And-Roll music, and his popularity has spread to other territories, such as the UK. First of all, I want to thank him for taking the time out to talk with us here at Electro WOW. It is absolutely true that we are fans of electronic dance music, but it is also enriching to escape from the routine, and explore new forms of creativity!

1 – Where are you from? Where do you live?

Small town outside of Houston, I’ve been around here and there.

2 – Why did you choose the drums as an instrument to play?

My grandfather was a drummer, my father was a drummer, so someone had to be next in line right? I was just able to keep rhythm naturally and the skill came about on its own.

3 – Did you ever get lessons at school?

Nope, not at all. I can’t read music either. I just play by ear and keep trying until I get it right.

4 – What artists/bands did you listen to growing up in Illinois?

I was working with Hip hop artist at the time. I only listened to the legends though, the old-school kings. Nas, Gang-starr, biggie, Biz Markie. Of course, I was still in the early days of discovering my true taste in music, which came a few years after. The good old Rock n Roll.

5 – Your music is popular in the UK. How did that popularity come about?

I always appreciate the fact that the legends I look up to started in England. I feel as if the people of England appreciate the roots of rock and indie more than most places, and my tunes have been welcomed there, and I plan to keep it up that way.

6 – How different are British and American music fans? 

Very different. Americans play the same records that the industries shit out. I feel like its just a loop of high note Pop music. So when something different such as my music releases, its not as understanding to them. If it doesn’t have some sort of deranged or degrading sex term, Americans will not buy into it. Fans in the UK reach out to the genres who wait in the cracks and the artist who give it what they got, like a more successful chance it seems. Its quite wonderful actually.

7 – What do you miss about the Rock-And-Roll era?

I miss the originality behind it. How people were themselves no matter the opinion. It was, get in, do the gig, fuck all else, Tv’s out of the window. And of course, the tunes. When it comes down to it, it will always be about the music all bullshit aside.

8 – What about electronic music, Do you have a favorite DJ? 

Never been into it, man.

9 – What’s the name of your newest song? Is it available as a free download?

Newest release is a single off of my upcoming EP “18 Mile Pier.” It is titled “Ride The Waves.” Were looking at the EPs release date somewhere around late August. It is available for free at my bandcamp. And soon to be on Itunes.

10 – Are you open to collaborate with other artists? How can they contact you?

I am open, just depends on the situation. Feel free to give a shout on Twitter:

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