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Maximani Interview 2015



Maximani Interview 2015
Meet Maximani, a very talented individual with a brand new EP. Not only does he make great music to groove and listen to, he also has a talent to stir up the pot! Full interview below, I hope you like it!

1 – When did you start DJing?

I actually started DJing in a panicked kinda way, I had produced my first single “Drop This Beat” and I got a DJ gig that same month. I had only produced music before, never actually DJed. So in March 2014 is the time that I had to learn real fast! 🙂 The gig went ok, just a few rookie mistakes.

2 – What are currently your main challenges as a music producer?

To finish what I started! For some people its easier to start new projects all the time. Well.. For me they’re both hard haha. I can’t finish what I started and I have a hard time starting up new projects too. Seems like I shouldn’t do this at all, what the hell am I doing. Jokes aside, it usually takes me 2 weeks to finish a song if I work on it every day (I’m slow), but when I feel low or uninspired it can take up to a month. So time is actually a problem for me that I’m currently working on to fix.

3 – What would you be doing if you weren’t a music producer?

A VFX graphic designer or an actor! I’m the one who does every graphic aspect of my artistery. New album covers, music videos, etc.

4 – What are some of the most important tools you’re using to produce music?

That would probably be always being eager to learn new stuff from the internet. Being really hard on yourself for not getting the right sound (don’t settle with less). I wouldn’t be able to produce any of my music without some real good bass samples or synths like ‘Massive’ and ‘Sylenth1’.

5 – Who are your role models/inspirations?

I would say Mord Fustang and Feed Me combined. Everything they do is art to me.

6 – Your latest EP – Rockstar – was released a few days ago. Do you have plans to make a music video?

Yes! we recorded a crazy night in a swedish forest this summer and now we’re editing it like crazy! My plan is to release it on December 14th. It looks really good so far, the music video is for my song “Rockstar” and it features a pilgrimage entering a mystical forest. Seeking true wisdom from the master of partying (yep that’s me) haha.

7 – Who do you want to dedicate your latest hit “Hello Mr. Record Label”?

I dedicate it to all lazy-ass Record Labels! haha. Monstercat, Universal, Spinnin’ Records and just a little bit to Aviciis record label PRMD. Also I dedicate it to all struggling artists out there who knows just how hard it is working on material, giving birth to something great and then just not getting any response on it when you send it to demo submissions. I feel you bretherens!

8 – What are you working on at the moment?

My next EP! It’s even better. Trust me. I hope to release it beginning of next year.

9 – What do you enjoy other than listening to music?

Gaming! sometimes I stream while I play Counter-Strike or Starcraft 2. Click on the link below:

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