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Mea Inferno Think “God Loves Techno” And They’re Probably Right!



Mea Inferno
Let’s get to the point, “God Loves Techno” and LA-based duo Mea Inferno proves it with a new track that stays true to underground club roots. With this in mind, the talented DJanes unleash sounds that draw you into a world of dark melodies.

The highly anticipated single has already garnered a bunch of pre-saves and new followers. Hopefully, this amazing cut will also bring the fire to any dance floor.

Moreover, you can realize just how special it is. Right off the bat, the entire banger blasts your speakers with so much dynamism.

If you’re in search of a spiritual experience, then pay attention to the melodic futuristic elements which are combined with powerful drops, angelic vocal snippets, and enigmatic SFX. All in all, this short description leads you to discover the reason why “God Loves Techno” in a much deeper sense…

In addition, the thing that unites people is the passion for good electronic music. In this context, perfect oneness and perfect love prevail.

Beyond everything, Mea Inferno inject their creativity to such an extent that Techno becomes a feeling, a feeling that will never die.

To sum up, their impressive productions are way more than the sum of their parts.



By Erick Ycaza

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