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Meet Chris Dancy, The 1st Human Robot!



Chris Dancy, 45, uses a range of sensors, devices, services and applications to gather real-time data about his body and the environment around him. These include a Pebble smartwatch, Google Glass, a BodyMedia armband and Blue heart rate monitor. He collects data about what he eats, when he sleeps, how he uses his email, his health, travel plans and photos and even his dogs’ levels of activity.

Collecting data about his eating habits and fitness has enabled Mr Dancy to lose 100lbs (45kg) in weight. His home is also hooked up with gadgets, including a smart lighting system and a mattress cover that collects data in his sleep. He has been monitoring and collecting his personal data for five years, adding two or three systems every week. He’s probably known as the human robot!

In the video above, Mr Dancy pronounced the Internet dead and said: ‘The “Innernet” – the information of you – is the future’. He also believes that people will use more technology around the home before they adopt wearable gadgets. Now check out this interesting short interview…

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