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Meet The World’s First Underwater Oxygen Bar



The World's First Underwater Oxygen Bar Opens In Mexico

The world’s first underwater oxygen bar is open for business.

Located at Carnival’s Puerta Maya port in Cozumel, Mexico, the underwater lounge lets visitors breathe enriched oxygen whilst playing games in a giant freestanding 13,000 gallon tank of water.

Meet The World's First Underwater Oxygen Bar

Wearing specially designed clear diving helmets, guests at the Clear Lounge receive an ‘invigorating’ mixture of oxygen and an aromatherapy scent of their choice.

The innovative attraction has a bartender who serves up oxygen-infused fruit smoothies and guests can play Jenga or try target practice with high-powered bubble guns while submerged.

There are also write-on message boards, an underwater photo booth with props including lips and moustaches to play with.

Breathing a higher concentration of oxygen for a short period is said to have a number of health benefits.

It can boost your immune system, enhance concentration, reduce stress, increase energy and alertness and reduce the effects of a hangover. Only those above the age of eight can enter the tank and the experience costs $38 USD. per person.

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