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Watch Till The End! MELØ’s “Hopeless Romantic Creatures” Video



MELØ is still in line for a big year with his Electro-Pop music. That is to say, lovers of synthesized melodies will like “Hopeless Romantic Creatures,not to mention its accompanying video is a must-watch.

Featuring a steady beat, the Canadian singer-songwriter and producer brings back a New Wave vibe to the present as usual.

In the first place, by listening to this fresh tune, you’ll almost feel like a hypnotic experience. Well, it’s partly due to the dose of suspense and mystery that characterizes his signature sound.

What’s more, “Hopeless Romantic Creatures” is so addictive… in particular, the chorus.

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Hopeless Romantic Creatures

Personally, I think MELØ has a fearless approach to music creation. As a matter of fact, that is so evident in his breathtaking visuals.

Somehow, creating otherworldly tracks and writing relatable lyrics to pour out frustrations, will keep you even more mesmerized by his original work.

At the end of the day, music is the purest expression of the will. And MELØ knows how to channel his energy into building interesting stories through his compositions.



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