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Melody Shari Chooses Music Over Drama — Hear This New Song



You can’t imagine what Melody Shari, the TV celeb and singer, did to deal with her ex-husband Martell Holt and all the drama. Instead of getting caught up in online fights and negativity, she chose to channel her energy into music!

Her newest song, “Nobody’s Business” is not just catchy, it’s an absolute sing-along anthem! Trust me, once you hear it, you won’t be able to resist joining in and jamming to it!

Melody Shari

Stumbling Upon a Gem

To be honest, I know nothing about US reality shows. But from what little I’ve heard, this artist and entrepreneur from Alabama went through some serious domestic violence with her ex-husband, who’s now facing charges and all that legal stuff.

Out of the blue, I stumbled upon her music video on YouTube, and I got hooked instantly. And guess what? “Nobody’s Business” is currently sitting pretty at number one on the RnB category on iTunes.

No surprise there, ’cause this song’s got an epic chorus that just begs to be belted out. Plus, her sultry and passionate voice shines throughout the whole damn thing.

What blows my mind is that she did all this without some big-shot producer or a major record label backing her up. It’s freakin’ admirable how independent talents can drop hits these days when they’ve got the willpower and self-commitment.

Nobodys Business music video

Your New Cathartic Anthem

Now, let’s talk about the lyrics in “Nobody’s Business.” Melody Shari drops some wicked metaphors in there. It’s a song that speaks about the cold hard truth in this world, the universal law of karma.

No doubt, it’s a relatable tune for those who’ve been through the pain of infidelity themselves. And what better way to vent that sadness and agony than through the power of music…

Well, Melody Shari knows how to turn adversity into an advantage and find the silver lining. Long story short, “Nobody’s Business” sounds freakin’ awesome, and it’ll be your go-to anthem when you need to let loose and vent with all your might!



By Erick Ycaza

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