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Micah McLaurin Channels 80s Disco Pop: “Don’t Give Up On Love”



Without even thinking twice, the new icon of gay music is undoubtedly Micah McLaurin. And with the aim of reviving the 80s Disco Pop style, the song and video for “Don’t Give Up On Love, which premiered last April, will leave you speechless.

Similarly, his recent tunes are as awesome and similar as those made by Sam Smith, Olly Alexander, and Troye Sivan. And it’s worth mentioning that I’m glad to give visibility to artists from our LGBT community on Electro Wow.

A New Direction: Embracing 80s Disco Pop

First and foremost, it’s important to introduce Micah McLaurin as an excellent professional pianist. In the past, he has garnered great recognition for both his instrumental and vocal training.

At the same time, his musical career has taken a 180-degree turn, fully immersing himself in 80s Disco Pop rhythms with contemporary nuances, as seen in “Don’t Give Up On Love.”

Consequently, from start to finish, this new song has no complaints, only praises, reaching over 160,000 streams on Spotify.

80s Disco Pop

Flawless Choreography

In the music video directed by Johnny Frost, Micah McLaurin fearlessly showcases his queer identity with a choreography that breaks traditional norms. Moreover, the dancers synchronize their bodies flawlessly, making every move fluid and impeccable.

Clearly, “Don’t Give Up On Love” is exclusively for those who love to dance. And why not say it, the visuals seem to be a tribute to the Disco divas of the past and present.

Don't Give Up On Love

The Essence of “Don’t Give Up On Love”

The song is about deep love, where the singer expresses unwavering commitment to his lover. The verses highlight the willingness to do anything for the loved one, to overcome the good and bad times together, and the importance of never giving up.

In essence, “Don’t Give Up On Love” is an anthem to perseverance in love and the joy of sharing life with someone special.



By Erick Ycaza

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