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Michael NiiON Interview 2016



Michael NiiON Interview 2016
Here’s an artist from New York City, creating alternative music of R&B, House, Indie Rock, and more… Discover interesting things you didn’t know about Michael NiiON below. Get your cup of coffee and enjoy reading this interview!

1 – How did you get into music?

I was into music as a kid with the choir, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, lots of oldies, the Rippingtons, Pat Matheny music group. They really got me into it. But as far as making it, I never thought I could due to the whole this culture makes this and that culture makes that. Music has changed so much in 10 years we can all make anything with inspirations from anywhere.

2 – Who are some of your favorite singers, bands, and DJs?

I would say, Ariana Grande, Donny Hathaway, Party Next Door, Little Dragon, Florence and the Lights, Tame Impala, Incubus, John Mayer, Diplo, Deadmau5, and Waterscapes.

3 – How would you define your music style? Where can we listen to your tracks?

I would say it’s as emotional as Aquilo, as alternative as Kid Cudi, and vocals of John Mayer and the Weeknd. You can listen to a new Progressive R&B House EP on Soundcloud.

4 – Can you name a couple of tips for someone getting started as a solo artist?

I would say the main focus is the music. Get the music done to the best of your ability and industry ability then you can take anywhere you want. Second make sure you put as much effort into music as you do into marketing and PR. Leaving it to chance is bad business.

5 – Do you ever get stage fright?

Every time actually then you get up there and you just nike the situation. You always remember you have to look your best anytime you’re seen. You’re an entertainer.

6 – What’s the name of your latest single? Please describe its sound and lyrics.

My newest single is “Flying” from the ‘Your Future Black Boyfriend’ EP. The lyrics were written by artist Mike Evans and I… It really just is a simple explanation of someone no longer with you, but you continue to wait for them because you finally learned there is no human on earth that can be her. It’s better with her.

7 – Have you shot a music video yet?

No music videos for this project, but I have a video being released soon for another project.

8 – Why did you decide to name your EP as ‘Your Future Black Boyfriend’?

We were actually going through so many names and titles and then after going through all the songs and what it was about it seemed like the situation you might go through the first time you date a romantic black guy. Lol.

9 – Are you concerned about being good role models for your younger fans?

The whole point of me doing this is to reach a level where I can mentor, public speak, and share words of positivity for my culture and more. I believe in an Human World, where we worry more about other worlds than meaningless fights between lands and religions. This is our earth we should all work together to make it the best place to be in the universe.

10 – What would you be doing if you weren’t a musician?

I’d most likely be in fashion, acting, or small business owner. I’m pretty passionate about creation for people to enjoy or give people the feeling of being unique. Acting is just another part of my life since I’ve been doing it professionally since 5 years old.

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