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Mikey Shyne: A Remarkable Red-Hot Emerging Artist Who’s Seen It All



Mikey Shyne: A Remarkable Red-Hot Emerging Artist Who’s Seen It All
Despite being a life-long “closet singer,” Mikey Shyne‘s pro musical journey began about 18 months ago with the release of his debut single “Set Me Free” a timeless song in which he heroically blurs boundaries, conquering multiple demographics. The result was an acoustically driven urban-pop sound that captured Mikey’s raw talent and true essence.

It was also Mikey’s first time stepping into a professional recording studio and booth. With multiple time Billboard #1 charting Ray Balconis at the production and engineering helm, the song was destined for greatness from the start. Upon release, the song went nearly viral and acquired this ‘new kid on the block’ a plethora of new fans!

Flashback to 3 years prior, Mikey Shyne was alone, afraid, essentially homeless and baffled by the demons of addiction that had been shaking him to his core. The life had been sucked out of him and his will to live was almost fully depleted. He had checked into a facility for treatment for 3 ½ months with every intention to get better. But little did he know that the spark needed to relight that flame of hope and passion for music would show up one day in the form of another person. That person was none other than the Legendary Village People’s Eric Anzalone, who had been shooting a documentary on recovery. For the documentary, Mikey got to sing a solo with the community choir and it floored Eric and his crew. Pitch perfect and with beautiful timbre. Eric and Mikey got to talking and so much hope and inspiration was passed from one generation to the next.

See, Eric and Mikey shared the same dilemma in the early stages of their career: family disapproval. Eric really didn’t get that aha! Moment to prove that he can do music and sustain a living until he landed a gig with a prominent cruise line. From that point on his career took off and he is now the Biker for the Village People.

Mikey took all the advice Eric gave him in the two short days they spent together and kept it in his back pocket for future use. Today Mikey is beginning to break into the industry not just as an artist, but as an artist consultant, music marketing specialist, promoter, sessions singer, producer, and engineer. He is showing the world and is an inspiration to other artists that “there’s money to be made in the music industry, you just have to go out and get it.”

After the release of “Set Me Free” DJ Manny Flyiso, Mikey’s best friend in the industry at the time introduced him to DJ Tomekk, the Grammy Nominated & Legendary DJ from Berlin, Germany. Tomekk had expressed his love for “Set Me Free” and was another celebrity to affirm Mikey’s talent and the possibility of a bright future ahead of him. Tomekk agreed to stick around for his show in Brooklyn that night but the surprises didn’t stop there. “Next thing I know, I’m up in the Bronx late afternoon eating pizza with the HipHop Legend himself, Kurtis Blow.” Kurtis Blow, the 1st rapper in history to sell a Gold Record, had also agreed to come out to the show that night and even introduced Mikey on stage!

Mikey was the winner of that night’s showcase at D Avenue in Brooklyn and won a feature in ThisIs50 magazine, which claimed he “certainly has what it takes to go mainstream if he continues the way he is going.” It was a knockout day for Mikey. “From that night on, I was HOOKED!”

He has had multiple successful follow-ups to “Set Me Free.” “Put It Down” featuring DJ Tomekk which has enjoyed international success and almost 500,000 plays on Pandora, “Roam,” a timeless love ballad featuring the vocals of Queens female Americana-Folk artist Jeneen Terrana, “Forever Young,” in which Mikey teamed up with multiple non profits and donated the proceeds for addiction and recovery awareness and a couple of hot tracks with Houston-based rapper Skam R’Tist.

Mikey continues to perform shows throughout the NYC area, has played multiple festivals, opened up for some huge legendary Hip Hop artists and has two tours planned for the Fall and Winter: NYC’s Thriller Tour and a Floridian tour with stops in Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

Recently, he released his latest single “I Really Want” which has been taking over the internet! It has been raved about, reviewed, critiqued and featured on countless popular websites, radio shows and blogs. In less than 2 weeks it achieved 9,000 plays on Soundcloud. You can listen to it streaming for free, embedded at the end of this article. It is set to hit FM stations nationwide in 2 weeks! So be on the lookout on your favorite station for this catchy, upbeat Pop/Hip Hop/Tropical song in which Mikey really flexes his muscles and shows us how mainstream he can really be.

It is without any doubt that no matter what you throw his way, he will always find a way to push through and survive, standing on his own two feet… Stronger and better than ever! Life can throw us all a curveball every now and then, but after speaking with Mikey Shyne and hearing exactly what type of hell he’s had to overcome, he deserves nothing but praise, glory and is truly deserving of that bright future that Eric Anzalone had promised him.

“As long as I stay the straight and narrow, stay focused, persistent, motivated and not give a damn about what ANYBODY says, I will undoubtedly become a success in this industry. Its definitely a dog eat dog world and there’s a lot of snakes hungry to steal your shine, so I stay tactical. I keep my mouth quiet, let my music do the talking and always give it 150% on stage for the fans. Music is in my blood. Its who I am and its what I do. No matter who says what or tries to discourage me saying I should settle down and get a union job or some security… F@%k that, I live my own life and I will continue to do the one thing I truly love which is make music. I refuse to be a robot of society waking up every day to the monotony of a day job. They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. I give my music every ounce of energy I got but I always walk away feeling refreshed. To all the young artists out there, don’t let ANYBODY knock your dreams. Pursue them til your dying day. Together we can make peace, live in harmony and be free.”

Stay tuned for more on Mikey Shyne, this is definitely an artist you want to keep an eye on!



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