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Miles Away And Danni Carra Explore Their Indie Electronic Sides



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There’s a good chance you may have heard of Indie Electronic music from the likes of San Holo and ayokay. Then, if you’re into a mellow sound, “Back To Sleep” by Miles Away and Danni Carra is right for you!

Born in Vancouver, Canada, the rising producer offers something quite different from his past releases. On this occasion, Devin Belanger aka Miles Away replaces his regular bass-heavy drops with organic melodies that are perfect to chill with.

Furthermore, Dannie Carra delivers a fleeting moment of escapism not only through her gorgeous vocals but also across introspective lyrics and breathtaking metaphors. Thus, desiring to love and live life as if it was a sweet dream.

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“Back To Sleep” feels relaxing and pleasant to the ears. Both artists put such delicate energy into this song by experimenting with Lofi samples and warm synths.

As a result, the way they explore their Indie electronic sides was an interesting creative process that truly bore fruit.

Immerse yourself within an ethereal world thanks to an authentic gem that disconnects you from reality, so you don’t feel sorrow or pain anymore.

This special and emotive body of work will have you listening to it on repeat.



By Erick Ycaza

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