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Mind Cntrl Just Released Fresh Electronica As Billy Seabreeze!



Mind Cntrl Just Released Fresh Electronica As Billy Seabreeze!
Mind Cntrl provides a different feel to his compositions under the alias of Billy Seabreeze. He has been well-known by his signature House/Electro style for some years now. Even so, highly motivated to try different music sounds, the Milwaukee producer brings “Into The Great Unknown” to the Equus Recordings catalog. A super solid electronic piece full of vibrant melodies. I would go so far as to say there’s magic in my ears while listening to it. Furthermore, it’s seem so easy to get lost with this. Actually, I love the way he creates a big climax with intense soundscapes resulting in a spectrum of synthesizers. Do yourself a favor and check it out!


Equus Recordings is a label founded in 2016, that offers quality music and nowadays serves as a reliable outlet for new artists that want to grow in the industry. So far, Equus Recordings has obtained 18 Beatport chartings, specializing mostly in Electro and Trap genres. Mind Cntrl is not new to the record company, however, “Into The Great Unknown” marks his debut with them bearing his side project as Billy Seabreeze.


Billy Seabreeze

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