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Miyuki Unveils An Epic Vocal Trance Tune: “Would You Love Me”



Drumbeat, please! Miyuki‘s epic Vocal Trance tune called “Would You Love Me” will make your skin crawl. The music video takes you into a magical night at an underground nightclub in LA.

Captivating listeners with its uplifting melody and gorgeous singing voice, what is worth more than gold are the beautiful lyrics of this new song. Most importantly, she gives her fans a special message of self-love.

Indeed, learning to value yourself allows your love for others to flourish. With that in mind, it’s acceptable to say “Would You Love Me” is an epic Vocal Trance release.

epic vocal trance Would You Love Me Miyuki
The Chicago-based ‘Doctor DJ’ is back on the AVA White label after a series of successful singles. The fact that the main components of this track are the emotions and synths firing in burst mode, makes it very complete.

Additionally, her outstanding evocative songwriting is laced with her personal and intimate stories which represent the light for the gray days.

Again, if epicness had a name it would be “Would You Love Me.”

Miyuki demonstrates this cut can plunge the entire dance floor into ecstasy as shown in her clip. Can’t wait to see what’s next…



By Erick Ycaza

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