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Moby Supports Undercover Animal Investigators



Moby, the animal advocate & DJ talked extensively at the Humane Society of the United States’ 2013 Genesis Awards about lawmakers attempting to stop animal activists from doing undercover investigations. In a recent interview, Moby told the media, “Undercover animal rights operatives and workers are for me the most heroic people in the animal rights movement. Like to go and work in a laboratory or to work in a slaughterhouse or a feedlot and do undercover work.

They are my heroes. I couldn’t do that work. I’m too much of a sissy. But they have been so instrumental in…drawing attention to the worst abuses of animals…I think it’s horrifying that you have well-funded lobbyists who are able to shut down the constitution when it suits their corporate interests.” Moby also mentioned that on Thanksgiving he had his 25th vegan anniversary + talks about his next record. See the full interview below!

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