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Model Casting Advice: Healthy Eating



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As you age, your body needs more care than it did during your younger modelling days. You have to be more careful with what you eat to ensure that you remain strong as the years go by. The demand for male model jobs with middle aged men is high. To compete you will need to eat foods that maintain low body fats and a high nerve function, while also ensuring that your skin looks as young and healthy as possible. Below are some of the most important nutrients and foods to consider:

Folic Acid

Folic acid is important in controlling anaemic conditions. It is available in cereals, which you should eat for your breakfast. You need more of this nutrient to enhance your health. In cases where your body is deficient of folic acid, you will have to take supplements.

Vitamin B12

The work of this vitamin is to maintain a high red blood cells number in your body. This then ends up enhancing your nerve functions, making you that active person who is always ready to do activities such as jogging, hiking or even physical work such as pushing that loan mower.


You need to eat foods containing calcium for the obvious reason of strong bones. Ageing affects bones as much as it affects muscles, and a strong body frame enhances your looks and ability to move from place to place without any difficulties.

Vitamin C

Like all other vitamins that you have to eat, vitamin C enhances your body’s immunity towards disease and enhances your health in the process. One of the many problems that come with ageing is a set of diseases due to poor disease fighting mechanisms in the body.

White Meat

These include fish and poultry, which are known to be healthier than red meats. Red meats increase body fat and the risks of heart disease. They are also known to increase the risks of hypertension, which is common as you age.


Eat more of wheat and barley products, which are rich in fibre. Fibre reduces your risks of hypertension as it is low in fat, leading to a resultant decrease in the chances of you getting hear diseases. You should consider this through whole grain meals for breakfast and in other meals during the day. Avoid foods high in sodium, and avoid sweets as they are known to result in high sugar levels and increase your chances of getting dangerous diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Bear these tips in mind and you will overtake the competition when it comes to male model jobs.

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