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Moisturizers: What’s Best For Your Skin?



Moisturizers: What’s Best For Your Skin?
A skin that’s radiant, healthy, soft, younger looking and glowing that’s free of blemishes and wrinkles catches people’s attention quickly. We live in a century where both men and women are conscious about their looks. A good amount of money earned is spent on beauty products and beauty treatment. Though a wide range of cosmetics and skin care products are available in the market one has to be really careful while choosing them. If you fail to choose something that suits your skin type you’ll end up damaging your skin. Moisturizers help to improve the texture of the skin, treat and prevent dry skin, improve skin tone and are also good for sensitive skin.

Moisturizers contain a mix of harmless chemical and natural ingredients that helps to retain water in the skin with its application. The epidermis or the external layer of the skin becomes much softer by the regular use of moisturizers and evaporation is reduced thereby increasing the hydration of one’s skin. Moisturizers are generally composed of natural or artificial oils, lubricants, and skin sterols or lipids that occur naturally. Using the right moisturizer on a regular basis is suggested by dermatologists for the skin to be healthy and glowing. You cannot use any cream to moisturize your skin because a wrong choice could cause skin irritations or even allergies.

Moisturizers for different types of skin

There are different kinds of moisturizers available depending on whether your skin type is oily, sensitive, dull or dry. There are also moisturizers with SPF, anti-wrinkle creams, and ones that can be worn under your make up. Find one that suits you best.

Skin type: Dry
Dry skin is often characterized by skin that’s tight, itchy and flaky. The best moisturizer would be one that’s rich in oils that are necessary to heal cracked skin, to soften and revive it. A petroleum-based cream would work well for extreme cases of dry skin

dry skin
Skin type: Oily

People with oily skin have pores that are quite large and no matter how many times you have cleansed your skin, a sheen tends to develop quickly. Opt for a moisturizer that’s water-based and free from oil. This would help to keep the oil and hydration levels balanced.

Skin type: Sensitive
Redness, rashes, acne, and itching are common indicators of a sensitive skin. A moisturizer that’s hypoallergenic, free from oil and paraben, works well in this case. It’s better to use something that has aloe vera or chamomile as its ingredients. could help you decide on one that works best for your skin.

kinds of moisturizers
Skin type: Combination of dry and oily

This type of skin is characterized by a T-zone that’s oily (chin, nose, and forehead) and cheeks that are dry. Deciding on a moisturizer is difficult in this case considering you have to opt for an oil-free moisturizer that’s light, for your T-zone and a creamy one for your cheeks.

Skin type: Normal
People with normal skin have a skin tone that’s even- neither shiny nor flaky. A water-based moisturizer that’s light and not greasy would be suitable for this skin type.

Finding the moisturizer that’s perfect for your skin type would make your skin healthy and radiant.

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