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Momentum creates Folkhouse Remix EP of Chords of Truth Tunes



Momentum is the house imprint of Niklas Großwald who has his roots in the more underground side of trance music. As many young artists without any background as musicians, Niklas learned the craft of producing essentially on his own, utilizing the advantages of modern digital music production.
Going the way of doing things quite different from the norm, led him to this mysterious, warm and loop driven sound. The freedom of sheer endless possibilities mirror in his sound which fuses genres like house, folk, electro, soundtracks or ambient. His deep understanding for melodies lets us look forward to more promising releases from this amazing producer.
The combination of House beats and rhythms he cleverly weaved into classic folk style recordings has created a dynamic new sound that can only be described as “Folkhouse”. For this project, Niklas has taken the deep lyrics and vocal storytelling of “Chords of Truth” to a whole new level of energetic vibration through personal reinterpretation and created something totally unique for everyone to enjoy.

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