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Monaco Where The World of Fashion and Upmarket Living Collide



monacoYou can say what you want about the world’s super-elite resorts for yacht travellers, but once you’ve experienced Monaco you realize how the rest pale in comparison. There are simply no words in the English language that do justice to this tiny little region’s way of life. Exclusive, refined, sophisticated, glamorous…all well and good, but no such adjectives even scratch the surface of what’s on offer here.

Suffice to say though, the first time you head out for a lap of the famous Grand Prix circuit with your hired Ferrari’s top down, you’ll understand the magic of Monaco.


Even arriving into the iconic marina itself, you get a feeling you’re in for something rather special. The way in which it seems everyone is trying to outdo everyone else with the most radically OTT super yachts and fashion is quite a wonder to behold. You’ll find yourself sharing the calm blue waters with some of the world’s most influential, powerful and famous people. And even if it’s not usually your kind of thing, you’ll completely fall for the celebrity way of life after taking just a single step off onto dry land.


The best way to think about Monaco is as a place where every indulgent dream you’ve ever had materializes before your eyes, only about a thousand times bigger and flashier than you realized possible. If you want to blow thousands of dollars on a meal, you can. Feel like splashing out on the most expensive cocktails every mixed? It’s right there in front of you. And of course, there’s no way better to see the real beauty of Monaco and its surroundings than to take a private helicopter tour of the region – there’s nothing you can ask for that cannot be delivered in an instant.

The geographical location of Monaco makes it an ideal base for exploration, but chances are there’s no way you’ll want to leave. You’ll get your first taste of the Monaco lifestyle and realize what it is you’ve been missing – you’ll leave with a new perception of what it means to be genuinely exclusive and reserved only for the very highest of society.

Luxury yacht charters to this area of the Med can be truly idyllic for much of the year and are quite simply spectacular over Christmas and New Year. In Monaco, you’ll find yourself walking face-first into every cliché you’ve ever heard about the place, only to realize that the wildest estimations of those that have never been are in fact quite massively understated!

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