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Most Expensive Men’s Rolex Watches



Most Expensive Men's Rolex Watches
We have always seen so many cosmetics and things to beautify the exotic appeal of women but most of the time it is the men who lags behind. Due to not relating to make up or such products men can only increase their appeal with the accessories. Though not everything suits everyone but yet there are some which every men as well as women will love to have and carry on their body. Watches are a name that strikes to mind first when it comes of either gifting a men or to wear for enhancing the appeal. But it is not that every watch or style can make someone come out most of their look. The Rolex Company has been a proficient and experienced name in watch industry from years providing the men off our country and everywhere in the world with best quality and most stylish watches in accordance with the dynamic environment & preferences of the users.

From businesses to sports, tennis players to cliff hangers, Men’s Rolex Watches have always found their place amongst the community from so many years. Not only has Rolex watches always signs in with tennis famed tournaments and other such events to promote themselves and also get their way up.

Highly paid athletes, celebrities, and famous entrepreneurs find their taste on watches in the most glamorous way. It is not just the name but the significance of precious stones handcrafted to perfection and polished to shine under the pale moonlight. Rolex is known for its distinct design, precise ingenuity, and the appeal that it gives to each individual.

If you have the cash, then get yourself one and see how it fits you. Here are some of the most expensive Men’s Rolex Watches that you can chose from:

1. 942 Rolex Chronograph – $1.16 million – This is one of the rarest and most expensive model of Rolex Men’s watch which was manufactured with only 123 pieces throughout the world. Though it was originally marked at a price of $680 thousand; but after being a part of Christie’s auction its price went up to 1.16$ Million.

2. Eric Clapton’s 1971 Rolex Daytona – $505,000 – Inspired by the guitarist Eric Clapton, his watch was also same famed. Featured with beautiful silver monochrome dial; this was later known as Albino. Similarly like above, the price of this watch also went up as Slowhand had worn this. ]

3. Rolex GMT 116769TBR – $485,350 – It is a direct Rolex made watch and is ne of the most costly watches presented by them. It has a diamond dial with luminous hour marks.

4. James Bond 1973 Rolex 5513 – $450,000 – Used in the Roger Moore movie Live and Let Die, due to fame of James Bind the price went up & as did the popularity of this marvel watch.

5. Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Gold Rolex Oyster – $440,000 – Worn by the first president of independent India gifted to him on India’s first ever Republic Day; it has an 18K gold dial in it with map of India with the date of that day.

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