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Moving Expensive Musical Instruments!!!



Moving Expensive Musical Instruments

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Whether you are a performing artist or just a music lover, having musical instruments is a joy. But handling these is quite a complicated job. All musical instruments are quite fragile therefore when it comes to moving these need to be handled with great care. Apart from that, they tend to be expensive, and if any misfortune occurs then it is very hard to fix these. So, at any cost, only transporting them will complete safety is the left option. If you want to know the right tricks to do it with ease then check out these:

Packing and moving these

Moving companies are acquainted with professional and experienced movers who are well-trained in packing and moving your precious musical instruments from one place to another. If you are not experienced in properly packing the musical instruments then you must hire the movers especially when you are moving cross country. You just have to look for a reputable company that can provide their services at an affordable price. Get price estimates from at least three or four relocation companies before booking one and also look for the reviews given by experienced customers about their musical instruments moving services. Ask the specific moving company about their experience in transporting musical instruments.

There is also a need for special trucks and vehicles with special climate conditions and humidity control and also experienced professionals know the right tools and raw materials to packing these.

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Moving string instruments

Moving string instruments such as Villon, guitar, and cello is easy when relocating nearby. But if you are planning to move at a long distance then you should pack them properly before stuffing them into a truck. You can’t even afford to have a slight scratch on your valuable musical instrument. Therefore, use the right method of packing the string instruments. The first step that is to be undertaken is to slightly loosen up the strings before packing them. Now cover the instrument with bubble wrap and place it in its case. Fill the empty spaces with a towel or newspaper to avoid shifting the instrument during the move.

Moving brass and wooden instruments

When transporting wooden and brass instruments remember to provide the required protection to them before placing them in the moving truck. Firstly, separate the parts of an instrument that can be taken off. Then pack the mouthpiece of the instrument with the help of packing paper. You must wrap the instrument’s parts with stretch wrap before you place them inside their case. Bubble wrap covering will protect the instrument to have any scratch during the move.

Moving percussion instruments

Percussion instruments are large and to move them without any difficulty, it is better that you disassemble them into smaller parts. Cover each part with bubble wrap and then put all parts into their case. Make sure that the space in the case is filled with crumpled newspaper to protect the instruments from any damage. If you no longer have the given musical instrument’s case with you then you can get cardboard boxes for packing the same. Remember to get boxes that are sturdy enough and larger than your instrument. And also provide the appropriate label to the box.

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Moving large instruments like a piano

A lot of padding and packing supplies will be required to move such items with complete safety and security. The bulky and heavy-weight instrument is quite difficult to move by yourself. For this, take the help of movers while on the other hand, some other large instruments like drums are a bit easier to handle and move.

Pick the appropriate packing boxes:

If the original casting is present then you should pack in the same box while if not then you should always choose a sturdy packing box for packing and it is recommended you have a slightly larger packing box. Musical instruments should be packed in the boxes so they can be precisely placed into the boxes. The items inside the box should not be lost so these can’t move during transportation. Make sure you provide padding to it so that these don’t have any space to move in and the instrument perfectly fits into the box.

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What to do after transportation?

If all the instruments have been transported safely then you have to wait for at least 24 hours to acclimatize the instruments especially the stringed and woodwind ones. Let them reach room temperature. If you don’t have to use the instrument for a longer time then you should not attach the string to these if you have loosened these.

Bottom line:

There are also certain moving companies which offer the services of transportation of moving instruments. Taking help from these is a great idea. Make sure you don’t place more than two instruments in one box else these two could damage or can have scratches on them. Use the above guide to ensure safe transportation of your musical equipment and enjoy your love for music.

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