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Mr. Semmelman’s Video Clip Shows An Alien Invasion And The Internet Loves It!



Mr. Semmelman's New Music Video Shows An Alien Invasion And The Internet Loves It!
Mr. Semmelman
are known in Sweden since 1996, and very good references have been received from other local artists, such as Avicii and by the ex-members of Swedish House Mafia. In this new decade, the electronic music group is now online as social media have become a vital tool for artists. Well, these guys are making a comeback with their Semmelmans Tema Remix video, which has attracted over 100,000 views. From my point of view, the clip looks like a Sci-Fi Comedy short film about an alien invasion. It’s very funny and will cause huge smiles. With an original humorous tone, it features a Semla (traditional sweet roll that even has it’s own day in Sweden) as a secret weapon, where Planet Earth is used as the training camp lol. Watch the video below.

The remix was released to celebrate Fettisdagen, which is part of the Swedish holidays. Further, this suggests, Mr. Semmelman comes from a country that is proud of its culture and cuisine, and that’s pretty admirable too. In this EDM version, they’ve added pulsating synths and progressive beats to command listeners to get up and move their feet to the groove!



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