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Music Gateway Website Launch Imminent



If you have been keeping tabs on music industry news recently it will have been hard not to notice the attention Music Gateway has received. There is much anticipation and support across the board (including an April feature in Music News) for their much needed global platform which stimulates new revenue from existing masters and makes it easy for everyone to A&R their own projects or for management and labels to tap into new talent and work their roster.
Music Gateway Launches 24th June 2013
“I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough! What with the downturn in the global economy, IT development hurdles, investment seeking and a number of barriers to overcome to get the company into this position, it fills me with great pride and joy that we are now ready to fully launch. This isn’t some simple brochure website or another social media platform, no, it’s got focus, it’s functional with purpose, it’s simple yet delivers features like file transfers & electronic payments, all geared towards supporting your career development and generating work opportunities for both individuals and companies alike.” explains Founder & Managing Director Jon Skinner LinkedIn. Jon spent 26 years in the Music Industry gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience from being a DJ, producer and record label owner to working closely with international artists and running his own independent record store in the ’90s hay days.

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“I was in a good place to bring to the table what I felt, was a much needed business platform and saw a huge gap in the market. Music Gateway was developed by my in-house IT team, not by some outsourced techies trying to second guess what the industry & musicians may want. Music Gateway connects all the creative roles, allowing them to work, get hired, paid and collaborate on the global stage.” Jon goes on to explain that there are a host of websites offering a wide range of distribution, social media for music, such as Soundcloud and ReverbNation, licensing / sync portals and other Artist-to-Fan services, all of  which deal with the end recording or end user. What is clearly different about Music Gateway, is that it is strictly Business 2 Business; it provides a service for people during the creative process and a development / project stage for any recording, person or company. “Content is King” Jon states.  The Music Business isn’t some sugar-coated industry, it is hard work and to be successful, you need a lot more than just talent. Music Gateway will certainly improve your chances of making the right connections and reward you financially for your hard work. Music Gateway brings the talent to your projects, an A&R vehicle designed to streamline connections in a targeted way, creating secure surroundings and empowering the individual. So whether you are one of the rising stars of the music world, or you have an established career and need a more streamlined way of collaborating with other artists, Music Gateway is your new timesaving friend.

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For all enquiries please contact: Jon Skinner Founder & CEO T. UK +44 (0) 7768 893842 / 0845 257 5699 E.
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