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Music Marketing Tips — Should You Release A Single, An EP Or An Album?



marketing strategies for musicians 2022
Major record labels still use an old-fashioned release strategy, but you shouldn’t follow their lead and only release an album every three years. Instead, consistently release music. Unless you have a strong statement to make like “Dark Side of the Moon,” focus on creating great individual songs and videos to keep your fans engaged. Fans now expect music on a more regular basis than they did ten years ago, so don’t let them lose interest by not keeping them musically fed.

While some artists still tour on albums and critics appreciate album campaigns, there’s no need to create a full-length album unless you have a statement to make. Don’t worry about raising funds for a full-length album, instead focus on creating individual songs and videos that showcase your talents.

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The frequency of your music releases depends on several factors, including your genre and recording capabilities. If you create electronic music in your bedroom and primarily use platforms like SoundCloud, release a new song every month. If you’re a full band that requires a studio for recording, release a new song every month and a studio recording every three months. In between official studio releases, you can release live versions, demos, and covers on less formal platforms.

Some YouTubers release a song every week, although many of these are covers. However, successful YouTubers make every release sound professional by perfecting their writing, arranging, recording, filming, and release workflow.

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